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10 Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Someone Special in Your Life

Looking for a gift for a special someone in your life this Valentines Day? Looking for something for the nature-lover in your life? What about just wanting to give a gift without the guilt of how bad it will be for the environment? Then this post is for you. Keep reading to see my list of top ten ethical and eco-friendly gifts for the people in your life!

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With Valentine's Day rolling around again I’m finding it harder and harder to find gifts for my fiancé every year. I hate repeating gifts, and I’m not a flowers and chocolate person. I like to give something more unique (even if I still give the flowers and chocolate because, I mean, that’s a classic!). I am a huge proponent of eco-friendly and ethical alternatives especially when it comes to gift giving. Why? Because where do all of those gift tags, wrapping paper, cards, and frankly many useless gifts and packaging end up? In the garbage or as litter in our environment! I can’t STAND this. So if I could do one thing to better our planet why wouldn’t I be right? And why shouldn’t you? It can be time consuming to pour research into what companies to support, what products to buy, what is ethically packaged and shipped, and so many other factors. So I have compiled a list of some of my favorite ethical and eco friendly valentines day gift ideas here!

1. Bath Bombs

Personally, I love a good bath bomb. I know so many people who love adding these awesome little things to their bath all the time! So much so, they’re willing to spend tons of money at Lush to get their spa time on! Even my brother loves bath bombs, so these aren’t just a thing for the ladies, folks. I like to ensure that the bath bombs I’m using aren’t using any harsh chemicals and are ethical in their testing and ingredients. I have chosen four different bath bomb sets that I personally love. You honestly couldn’t go wrong with any of these but they’re different in style and price so it depends on what you’re looking for.

I highly recommend these bath bombs as a phenomenal gift giving idea this valentines day!

2. Soap Bars

I know what you’re thinking. Soap? Come on, that's a lame gift. BUT everyone uses it! Everyone needs it! Why not have something super cute, great for your skin, and ethical? That’s what brings these soaps onto my top 10 valentine's day gift ideas list. They smell amazing and are so soothing! So much better than your typical store-bought hand soap. Go for the heart shaped soap or the rose petal soap to show the special person in your life how much you care!

3. Massage Oil Candles

This might be my favorite item on the list. Not only is it super romantic but it’s ethical and eco-friendly! These candles smell great, and are made with specific oils and soy wax that make the perfect massage oil. I don’t know about you, but I would kill for a massage with heated oil from my partner. Give the gift of the candle along with the massage and I’m sure your partner will be over the moon this Valentines day!

4. Tote Bags

These reusable tote bags are perfect for anyone in your life! Why waste time with disposable plastic or paper bags when you could have these super cute totes! They’re reusable, good for the planet, and your wallet! I have had my set of tote bags for 5 years now and they’re not showing any sign of wear and tear, even after weekly trips to the grocery store lugging heavy groceries. I highly recommend these as an awesome gift idea this year. Do your part to keep our planet a little greener by giving some of these tote bags away this year!

5. Makeup

I know it can be tricky to buy makeup for another person, but these two products are great for everyone! You can’t go wrong with mascara and a new eyeshadow palette. I bought both of these products for my lovely fiancé on her last birthday and she adored them! She loved them even more when she found out they were made with safer ingredients and ethically produced! If you have someone in your life who ever wears makeup, I highly recommend these brands. The companies are amazing and their products can’t be beat. My fiancé is a bit of a makeup snob so if she likes them, it must be an amazing product!

6. Mary Ruth's Products

Now this is another slightly weird gift to give but hear me out. Who doesn’t like being healthy? Mary Ruth's Organics is an ever growing company that believes that making the best supplements for your health means creating products with non-GMO, plant-based, vegan ingredients, with the fewest number of allergens as possible. MaryRuths does their best to find only the highest quality ingredients and to formulate good-tasting products that assist in maintaining your health and aid your body on your way to wellness! MaryRuths is totally risk-free as well, if you don’t like the product you can get a 100% refund and not even have to send the product back! If you’re not interested in gifting multivitamins, they have a great line of beauty and skincare products that everyone is raving about in their reviews! They even offer products for your dog so you can pamper your pooch too! This company is family owned and aims to be as ethical and green as possible. I highly recommend MaryRuths for any gifts you give this year!

7. Vitauthority Products

Do you have someone in your life who is obsessed with health and fitness? Someone who is

on a journey towards bettering themselves? Maybe lose a little holiday weight? Then Vitauthority products are an amazing option for your gift giving ideas this year! Vitauthority provides everything from collagen supplements, to weight loss aids, and daily health and immunity. They have amazing work out aids and supplements that the fitness fanatics in your life will love. Vitauthority offer free shipping and free returns with 100% money back so there's very little risk if someone would prefer a different product! The best part about Vitauthority is they offer amazing flavors for their supplements and powders. Why have bland protein powder everyday when you could have it flavored as a Pina colada? Or strawberry lemonade? This puts Vitauthority above other companies in my opinion. But try it for yourself or gift it to someone special in your life!

8. Seed Paper Cards and Gift Tags

Now this might be one of my favorite items. Why? Because they can be used with every gift you give! They’re not specifically tailored to one person but create a more eco-friendly gift giving experience all around! Gift tags and cards produce so much waste typically and everyone throws them away. Why not make something purposeful out of that? With these seed paper cards and gift tags, your loved ones can just toss the old card in their garden or in a pot and watch as beautiful wildflowers grow! Even if they

don’t have a green thumb, this paper is compostable so it won’t harm the environment in a landfill somewhere. Cards and gift tags are something we all buy and give, why not make it purposeful?

9. A New Mattress

Here’s the deal, I know you’re not just giving a mattress to just anyone in your life. It is probably going to be a gift for your significant other, which means this would also be a gift

for you! Plush Beds is a company you need to hear about. Plush Beds is a company whose mission is for everyone to love their bedroom. That's why they design, responsibly source and manufacture the world's most innovative organic & sustainable bedding that doesn't break the bank. So you can sleep better at an affordable price. They don’t use mystery foams, petrochemicals, or other materials we can’t pronounce in their mattresses like other mattress companies. They source only the world's highest quality natural and organic materials in a sustainable and transparent manner. I cannot speak highly enough about this company! Their mattresses are extremely comfortable and will seriously provide you with the best sleep

ever. PlushBeds exceeds the most rigorous testing and certification standards in the mattress industry. They pride themselves on being one of only six manufacturers whose factory has both GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certifications, verified by Control Union®. This basically means that absolutely nothing bad and harmful can go into their mattresses! How cool is that? If I haven't sold you already, they’re also philanthropic. They donate some of their profits to a bunch of great charities, you can even choose a charity of your choosing to donate some of their profits too! They also offer numerous discounts for first responders, military, medical personnel, teachers, seniors, non-profit, and more! Give the gift of a good night's sleep this year and the person in your life will be forever grateful to you! After all, what’s more romantic than your mattress?

10. Eco-Friendly Straws

I was given a set of these reusable straws not too long ago and let me tell you they have been a lifesaver! I leave a set in my car and any time I’m out and about wanting something to drink, I never have to stress about getting that horrible plastic straw. I have my own! These are great and they come with a super handy cleaning tool so you can clean the inside of the straw easily. These reusable straws are a great small gift to give someone this year and I can personally say the people in your life will love them!

There you have it, 10 eco-friendly and ethical gift ideas you should try this coming year! These gift ideas are some of my favorites but remember to always consult a professional, like your physician, before making any major changes to your lifestyle. Let me know what you think if you try or use any of these products!

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