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DIY Matcha Mint Lotion Bar

Searching for an amazing and moisturizing way to help your sensitive and dry skin? Looking for a way to heal your skin naturally? This easy DIY all- natural lotion bar is affordable and extremely effective using simple ingredients. Some of which are probably already in your pantry!

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Hey there! Welcome back to Purposefully Green! Today, I wanted to share with you one of my absolute favorite DIY Beauty Recipes. Not only does this lotion bar heal my dry, cracked skin, but it also is plastic and chemical-free! Check out my recipe below for this matcha mint lotion bar so you can start making your own today.

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Why Lotion Bars?

With winter rolling around again I find myself feeling so dry all the time. I was constantly uncomfortable because no matter what I did, I had dry cracked skin. I know I'm not alone on this, winter can be hell on our skin. I wanted an easy fix that wouldn’t involve me having to go to the store and stock up on bottles and bottles of expensive lotion.

So, I started doing some research, fell down numerous Pinterest rabbit holes, and came to the conclusion that lotion bars were the solution to my problem. I have been addicted to lotion bars ever since! Eventually, I started creating my own recipes and that's how I developed this lovely matcha mint lotion bar I'm sharing with you today.

What is a lotion bar?

A lotion bar is a solid form of lotion that you use your body heat to warm up and rub into your skin. They are great because they are homemade, use all-natural ingredients, they are easily portable (I stuff mine in my purse or backpack every day!), and they work so much better than traditional bottled lotions.

I love how soft my skin feels after using these matcha mint bars! The matcha is incredibly soothing. It’s also antibacterial, reduces redness, and helps reduce oil buildup, plus a whole host of other benefits! I often use my lotion bar on my face after washing it to help combat redness and breakouts. The peppermint added has a cooling sensation that can be good for muscle pain, it also has anti-bacterial properties good for the skin!

The matcha and mint combined are clearly a great treat for your skin, especially if you are acne-prone or have a lot of redness.

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Why make your own lotion bars when you can just buy lotion at the store?

Honestly, I hate that I spend upwards of $5 on a single-use face mask. Not only that, but a lotion with harsh chemicals that really isn’t all that great for my skin in the long run. Why would you use an expensive, chemical filled store bought lotion, when you could make your own at home for half the price, make it as many times as you want, know where all the ingredients come from, AND it only takes 10 minutes?? How crazy easy of a decision is that? Ever since I started making my own lotion bars I haven't turned back. If you can mix something in a bowl, you can make a lotion bar. It is that easy folks.

Let's Make a Lotion Bar!

This recipe is super easy, so if you’ve never made a lotion bar before, have no fear, anyone can do this! You can make as many of these as you want, they store for a really long time or you can give them away as holiday gifts like I do!

Here are all the ingredients and supplies you’ll need to make these amazing Matcha Mint Lotion Bars.

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  • Silicone molds -I use these ones! (or a bread tin lined with wax paper. If you use bread tin I suggest doubling the recipe to make sure you fill the tin enough)

  • Double boiler (I just used a glass bowl placed over a pot of boiling water)


  • To begin, set up your double boiler and begin melting your soy wax carefully

  • Once the soy wax is about halfway melted add in your mango butter (it helps if it is chopped up into smaller pieces!)

  • Once everything is melted down remove from heat and add in your vitamin E oil.

  • Stir continuously for about 5 minutes. This is to ensure the wax and oils all combine evenly together otherwise you’ll have a lotion bar that separates!

  • After stirring, add in the matcha and peppermint oil.

  • Stir again for another 5 minutes to evenly distribute matcha and oil.

  • Pour into silicone molds (or a bread tin lined with wax paper) and allow to harden!

  • If you used the bread tin method you will need to cut your bars after hardening so you don’t have one large bar!

I love the way the matcha mint feels on my skin and all the health benefits that come along with it! I hope you enjoy this recipe and put them on your to-do list because they are seriously the best thing ever.

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