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Matcha Mint Clay Face Mask | DIY |

Searching for an amazing and refreshing clay mask to help your sensitive skin? Looking for a way to heal your skin naturally? This easy DIY all- natural clay mask is affordable and extremely effective using ingredients that are probably already in your pantry!

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Why make your own facemasks when you can just buy them at the store?

Honestly, I hate that I spend upwards of $5 on a single-use face mask. Not only that, but a facemask with harsh chemicals that really isn’t all that great for my skin in the long run. Why would you use an expensive, chemical filled store bought mask, when you could make your own at home for half the price, make it as many times as you want, know where all the ingredients come from, AND it only takes 5 minutes?? How crazy easy of a decision is that? Ever since I started making my own face masks I haven't turned back. If you can mix something in a bowl, you can make a facemask. It is that easy folks.

What do you need to make your own face masks?

You really only need a few things to get started for this clay mask. The base ingredients are bentonite clay, avocado oil (really any oil will do- coconut, olive, and grapeseed are some of my favorites!), and your choice of essential oils. For this mask I wanted something that would soothe redness and help sensitive skin and acne. I chose to make a matcha clay mask because of all the wonderful properties that green tea offers your skin!

Why Use Bentonite Clay?

I love using bentonite clay in my masks because of its numerous proven skincare benefits:

  • Helps with dry, irritated skin

  • Moisturizes and softens skin

  • Deep cleans your pores

  • Helps fight off acne and blackheads

  • Draws out impurities in your skin

  • Titans and defines skin tone

These are just a few of the reasons I absolutely love bentonite clay and using it in my numerous face mask recipes! There are so many other clays out there to try and I’m a huge fan of French Green Clay, which is great for healing and detoxifying your skin, and Moroccan red clay, which is great for unclogging your pores and absorbing excess oil if your suffer from oily skin! If you’d like to try and change up your recipe, I would suggest either of these clays as great options!

What Essential Oils Do You Need?

It really depends on what kind of face mask you are making to decide on your essential oils. For this particular mask I use peppermint because the cooling effect feels great and soothes some skin redness, and it has antibacterial properties! I also would recommend using tea tree oil for antibacterial properties, lavender for a soothing nighttime mask, orange and lemon are very reinvigorating and brighten your skin. There are so many options out there! You can mix and match to suit your needs.

How To Make these Matcha Mint Clay Masks:

You essentially are going to mix all of your dry ingredients in a bowl and stir them up until everything is well mixed. Make sure you don't use a metal bowl or metal utensils because it will react with the bentonite clay!)Then you will add your oils. Mix this all together, now it might be a little clumpy, and that’s okay! We need to add filtered water next to get it to the right consistency for a face mask. Check out the recipe below!

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About the Author:

Hi I’m Sarah! When I’m not working on Purposefully Green, I’m a middle school teacher in upstate NY, where I was born and raised. I spend most of my free time crafting, making all sorts of natural beauty and bath products, and spending time with my family. I’m engaged to a wonderful partner and together we have a puppy named Scout and two kitties, Simon and Eloise. I’m extremely passionate about keeping myself, and the planet a greener, cleaner place and that’s why I started Purposefully Green. Subscribe to Purposefullygreener to follow my journey!


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